Dress rehearsal

Opens April 3 , 2015


TheatreBC NSZ Festival entry, 2015

Directed by Mike Jarvis

Produced by John Jarvis

A Mystery/Comedy

April 3-4, April 8-11, April 15 – 18, 2015 @8.00PM

A look behind the scenes of the theatre world featuring a thriller with several twists of murder and mayhem.  A struggling writer and director is rehearsing a play – a classic whodunit – where all the characters are named Butler.  In order to motivate his actors he manipulates, withholds scripts and plays mind games, all of which may very well bite him in the butt.  It starts with him marching onto the stage from the audience during rehearsal to fine-tune the actors during their Act 1, Scene 1. 

(Theatre BC Festival Entry)


Tony Lefcourt………..Robson Baker

Raymond/Robert…. Joseph Balint

Mumford/Sam…….. Andre Fex

Natalie/Angela…….  Amy Starkey

Claudia/Victoria….. Angela Shaw

Aldo/Michael……… Adam Thomas

The Butler did it

The Butler did it

order by phone:  #604 929 3200

tickets $18.00  seniors/students $16.00



 When the Cat’s Away

By Johnnie Mortimer & Brian Cooke.

Directed by Don Briard

Produced by David Taylor

A comedy

June 12 -13, June 17 -20, June, June 24-27, 2015 @8.00

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When the cat's away

When the cat’s away

order by phone:  #604 929 3200

tickets $18.00  seniors/students $16.00