2017/18 Audition Notice

Company: Deep Cove Stage Society

General Auditions for the 2017-2018 Season Shows

Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, Noel Coward’s “Blithe Spirit” and Lerner and Loewe’s “Camelot”

Audition Dates: Tuesday, June 13 from 5-10pm by appointment only. For an appointment slot email chalenescott@gmail.com with your headshot, resume, and a half-hour time frame that would work for you. Latecomers may not be seen depending on availability of appointment times. Be punctual!

Audition Address: Deep Cove Shaw Theatre, 4360 Gallant Avenue, North Vancouver, BC


Dracula – Run dates Oct 6 – 21, 2017

Playwright: Adapted for the stage by Liz Lochhead, from Bram Stoker’s novel

Director: Amy Starkey and Clive Scarff

Cast Requirements: Gender neutral casting will be considered for several roles

  • Mina Westerman – female 20s, a proper Victorian lady
  • Lucy Westerman – female 20s, a not-so-proper Victorian lady
  • Florrie Hathersage – female any age, a tart-tongued maid to Mina/Lucy
  • Arthur Seward – male 20-30s, a psychiatrist at Bedlam Asylum
  • Jonathan Harker – male 20-30s, a law clerk, Mina’s fiance
  • Dracula – The Count of Transylvania, ageless immortal
  • Van Helsing – Vampire hunter, any age/gender
  • Renfield – a Bedlam Asylum patient, any age/gender
  • Asylum nurses / staff
  • Vampires

NB: There will be some doubling up of roles; this script contains adult themes with some sexuality and possibly partial nudity for the role of Lucy and the vampires.


Set in Victorian England, the immortal tale is re-told with Mina and Lucy awaiting their heart’s desires, while Mina’s fiancé visits the mysterious Dracula’s castle…

Audition Notes: Please prepare classic and contemporary contrasting monologues no longer than 3 minutes. Sides will also be available.

Blithe Spirit – Run dates April 6 – 21, 2018

Playwright: Noel Coward

Director:  Jacqollyne Keath

Cast requirements: British Accents are required for this production (5 women and 2 men)

  • Charles Condomine – male (50-60)
  • Ruth Condomine, the second wife – female (45-60)
  • Elvira Condomine, the first wife – female (20-40)
  • Madame Arcati, a medium – female (55-65)
  • Doctor Bradman, a friend – male (40-65)
  • Mrs. Bradman, friend – female (45-65)
  • Edith, the maid – female (20-50)


A timeless comedy exploring love and marriage, a dinner party turns into mayhem when Madame Arcati’s séance provokes the late first wife of the host.


Camelot Run dates June 15-30, 2018

Playwright: Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe

Director: Chalene Scott

Cast requirements: Flexible casting. Singing not required for this general audition.  Singing auditions will take place at a later date.  Minimal dancing will be required.

  • Arthur – male (20-32)
  • Guinevere – female (18-30)
  • Lancelot – male (20-30)
  • Merlyn – male (8-11)
  • Pellinore – male (over 65)
  • Morgan le Fey – female (25-40)
  • Squire Dap – (13-16)
  • Sir Dinadan – male (25-50)
  • Ensemble and the Royal Court – all ages, ethnicities, and genders

Synopsis: Will Princess Guinevere be the best thing that ever happened to Arthur or the downfall of an empire? A fresh take on the age-old story of King Arthur.

These are non-equity productions.  Actors cast are required to become a member of Deep Cove Stage Society at the first rehearsal. For more information please email publicity@deepcovestage.com