Auditions 2017 Panto

Deep Cove Stage’s Annual Christmas Pantomime

The Grand Old Duke of York

Written by Norman Robbins

Directed by Angie McLeod

Download this information here in pdf Panto auditions

Tuesday Sept 5th at 7-10pm in the Meeting Room at Deep Cove Shaw Theatre, 4360 Gallant ave


Wednesday Sept 6th at 7-10pm at the Lions Hall, 936 Bowron Court

If needed, callbacks will be held at the Lions Hall Thursday Sept 7th at 7pm


We will bring in small groups at a time for up to 15 minutes each.

Each group will learn a short song and dance, and then cold read sides from the script.


Please Bring:

  • headshot and resume if you have one (not mandatory!)
  • clothing that is comfortable to move around in
  • if you play a musical instrument that you can bring with you, please do and be prepared to play a song


Please Note:

  • Rehearsals will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7-10pm and Sundays 1-4pm at the Lions Hall, starting Sept 19.
  • Production runs December 15 – 30 at Deep Cove Shaw Theatre, 4360 Gallant Ave
  • This is a Non Equity production
  • All cast members 16 years of age and over will be required to join Deep Cove Stage Society ($10) at the first rehearsal.


Play Description:


The Ancient City of York is in trouble! The conniving Baron Snatcher has cancelled the Annual Fayre and banned fun and laughter. Even worse, he is plotting with the Evil Fairy Maleficent to overthrow the Duke and destroy his famous army of Ten Thousand Men. It is up to the gypsy boy, Colin, and a ragged group of misfits to outsmart the villains. With the Help of Old Mother Shipton, the good witch, their adventure full of song and dance, silly jokes, and slapstick routines may end with love triumphing over evil.



*Note: all characters except where specified can be played by any gender

Frederick, the Grand Old Duke of York: the great leader of a famous army, Duke Frederick is actually a very timid, jumpy, eccentric old man who prefers to march and knit rather than fight. A worrier, not a warrior.

Baron Snatcher: a very nasty man who, as High Sheriff of York, bans fun and laughter and plots with the evil fairy Maleficent to overthrow the Duke. He is haughty, condescending and selfish, hated and feared by all.

Pye and Peas: Henchmen of the Baron, they are mean, clumsy and not very bright. They engage in a lot of slapstick humour, with Pye being the butt of most jokes.

Colin: Female. The Pantomime Principal Boy, Colin is the homeless gypsy who arrives in York just in time to team up with the good guys and defeat the villains. He is brave, determined, kind and honourable.

Melody: female. The Pantomime Principal Girl. Melody is the Grand Duke’s ward, sweet, loving, and kind.

Martha Muffet: Male. Little Miss Muffet who sat on her tuffet is the Pantomime Dame, very silly, bossy and emotional. She has a wicked temper and a sharp tongue.

Tommy Tucker: engaged to Martha Muffet, Tommy’s cutting humour and laziness drives Martha up the wall. He is always getting in trouble with her, but endears himself to the audience.

Jack and Jill: the teenage city water carriers, they team up with Martha Muffet and Colin to thwart the bad guys. They are friendly and supportive, often the only reason Martha Muffet does not give up.

Old Mother Shipton: The Pantomime Good Fairy, she is an old haggard looking witch with the ability to see the future. She comes and goes mysteriously to give support and wisdom to Colin and the rest of the good guys.

Maleficent: The Pantomime Evil Fairy, she has a very bad temper and has just been woken up by the great army’s marching. Look out, she speaks in rhyme and wants revenge!

The Guardian of the Cave: a terrifying monster.

Soldiers: the famous army of ten thousand men. They are very good at marching, but faint at the idea of going into battle.


Other characters such as citizens of York, castle servants, gypsies, etc, will be played by the soldiers.