Technical info



There are 96 dimmers, 47 LED lights including 11 moving lights, and approximately 50 standard tungsten instruments.  There are four separate circuits providing non-dimmable power to all LED lights and a separate circuit for the projector dowser and mirror-ball.  There is a separate switched circuit in the front of the booth which controls the power to the V-hazer, and two switchable circuits for the moving lights.  These circuits are controlled by a toggle switch in the lighting booth.

We operate using a dual monitor ETC Ion board with 1024 outputs and a 2×10 fader wing.  ETC’s RFR wireless remote is available that can be operated from your iPAD or Android tablet (not provided by DCSS).

Download the Channel schedule ION Board September 2017 in Excel and Channel schedule ION Board September 2017 in pdf format.


Mixing from the booth is from a rack mounted Personus Studio Live RM Series 32 Channel mixer touch software controlled on a 12.9″ iPAD Pro.

There are six wireless microphones.

Presonus system v2



Atmospheric Effects

There is a Le Maitre GForce DMX water based fog machine.

A Rosco V-Hazer is permanently installed Stage Right and is controlled via the lighting board.

Special Effects

There is a mirror ball that is hung in the centre of the auditorium.

Virtually all LED instruments have on board strobe effect.

Technical Update

In the 2015/16 fiscal year we undertook an upgrade of our technical equipment.

Details are available here in our abridged technical report: DCSS Tech Recommendations Abridged