2021-03 It's Your Turn


Thursday March 25, 2021, at 7:30 pm, On Zoom

Join us for this month’s “It’s Your Turn” reading!

For your viewing pleasure we present:

“Launch Date”
by J. Arnone

A multi-millionaire and his butler plan a launch date.

2 Scenes from “Titanic 2”
By Toph Whitmore

“Hiya Kids!”: Features Ducky McGee (now a reporter for Deep Cove TV Noon News), who interviews local industrialist Buque Whittaker at the christening of his ship, the Titanic 2. Buque is joined by “current wife” Babs, and his daughter Rosie. Events are interrupted by the arrival of Malevola the Malcontented and her Kraken sidekick Kenny. Malevola, alliterative as always, places a curse upon the ship, and warns all to “Beware the ‘berg!”

“Setting Sail”: Takes place aboard the Titanic 2, as guests arrive before the ship heads out to sea. It features the panto’s “knockabout duo” Bubble and Squeak, who are first and second mate, and tasked with ensuring no pirates get aboard.

“Ask Out Samantha”
By J. Arnone

Sometimes the golf club is an awful lot like junior high school – the games people play for love.

“A Matter Of Husbands”
By Ferenc Glazer

When an earnest young wife suspects that her husband is having an affair with a famous actress she decides to take matters into her own hands and confront her with the evidence.

However the actress seems as surprised as she is and convinces her that it is nothing but an illusion. But that’s what actresses do, isn’t it?

“Less Soap More Blood”
By J. Arnone 

An actor is frustrated with the roles they are being offered, and demands that the agent find her/him ‘meatier’ roles.


Thursday March 25, 2021 at 7:30 pm


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