2021-04 It’s Your Turn


Thursday April 22, 2021, at 7:30 pm, On Zoom

Join us for this month’s “It’s Your Turn” reading!

For your viewing pleasure we present:

“Decaf for a Dying Man”
By Karen McLeod
Directed by Heather Evens
Liz and Jonathan are dealing with some life-changing news amidst the drama and comedy of a hospice room where Grandpa is slipping away. Or is he? It’s about family, faith, life, death and the absurdities of life that make us human.

“Everyone, Except the Cat”
Directed by Kathryn Daniels
Everyone, Except the Cat is a work in progress and begins in a pleasant town near an unpleasant train station. If one was to ever think that life is predictable, then they shouldn’t take the road down Perfection Street.

By Arthur Close, QC
Directed by Peter Slade
Anyone who has ever lived in a large condominium will recognize the different personality types described in the play, and the politics of strata life in general. The two council members are ordered to create an activity to foster a sense of togetherness among the owners – a task, it turns out, they are up for!

There will also be 2 short comedic plays
“Man With Gun” and “Less Soap”