Andrew has been involved in acting since elementary school. After a sojourn into parenthood he returned in 2016 as George in the Deep Cove Stage production of the Neil Simon play Chapter Two. He is excited to be back working with such a talented cast a crew.
He divides his time running himself and kids to auditions and playing guitar in local party band Ginger Tompkins and the Love Lads.

Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward

Director:  Jacqollyne Keath

Assistant Director & Stage Manager:   Christopher Key


Mary Stockwell as Ruth

Andrew Lissett as Charles

Jacqollyne Keath as Madame Arcati

Dayne Schindell as Edith

Doug Perri as Dr. Bradman

Kathleen Kelly-Driscoll as Mrs. Bradman

Ruby Hobbs as Elvira


Chapter Two

A Comedy by Neil Simon

Directed by Amy Starkey

Producer: Anne Marsh

Production Manager: David Gloyn-Cox

Stage Manager: Dawn Lindsay

Assistant Stage Manager: Jutta Vertegaal

Set Designer: Bob Bradley

Costume Designer: Harjog McElmoyle

Lighting Designer: Michael Methot

Lighting Tech: Bill Howarth

Sound Designer: Bob Bradley

Sound Operator: Leslie Thompson

Set Decoration:  Harjog McElmoyle

Properties: Jutta Vertegaal

Properties: Dawn Lindsay

Publicity: Mike Jarvis, Anne Marsh

Set Construction: Don Rutherford, Doug Davies, Bruce Lindsay

Andrew Lissett as George
Ruby Hobbs as Jennie
Cheryl Hebb as Faye
Joseph Balint as Leo