After studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in California, Caroline continued her work on the stage in Vancouver and Toronto before taking a ten year hiatus to work in film. This is Caroline’s fifth production with DCSS, following Book of Days, It was a Dark & Stormy Night, Making a Killing & Murder by Misadventure,  each role being a unique challenge. It is a great pleasure to be working with such a talented group of actors and Caroline would like to thank Director Jacqueline and the rest of the cast and crew & for the support of family and friends.


Are You Sure?

By Sam Bobrick

Director…Jacqueline Becher

Stage Manager…Norman White

Production Manager…Judy Thomson

Asst. Production Manager… John Jarvis

Asst. Stage Manager…Jutta Vertegaal

Set Design…Ann Booth

Set Decoration..John Jarvis

Costumes…Doug Perri, Judy Thomson

Properties..Judy Levitt, Jutta Vertegaal.

Lighting Design…Glen Miller

Lighting Operator…Leslie Thompson

Sound Design… Anne Marsh

Publicity…Anne Marsh


David Wallace as David Ogden

Caroline Battista as Caroline Ogden

Terrence Loychuk as Simon

Nicki Dawn Robertson as Stefanie

Kathy Bradley as Marie

Nicholas Wicht as Charley

An intriguing  case of shifting realities!