Carolyn Yonge was born a triplet on September 28th in Calgary. When four years old her family moved to Indonesia where she gained a love for the outdoors, swimming in the great barrier reef and climbing volcanoes. She discovered her love of acting in 1997 after watching the film Flipper; thereafter she could often be found playing outdoors in magical places formed in her imagination. She realized the best way to use this imagination would be through story telling in Theatre & film-making. After moving back to Canada, she began drama classes in school and joined 3 Community Theatre groups where she performed in many plays and community events. Nearing Graduation Carolyn set her sights on making her hobby a career by  Auditioning for acting schools in Toronto and Vancouver, deciding on Vancouver after being accepted to the William Davis Centre for Actors Study. At this time Carolyn is studying at the Anthony Meindl Actors Workshop & was recently a part of the project \”No men beyond this point\” which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival (subsequently gaining international release).  She is currently in pre-production on a short film about WWII\’s most notorious female snipers. She also hopes to join the Vancouver Theatre Sports League.