Christopher has been doing theatre since God was in short pants and thinks they might have done a panto together back in the day.  He is both humble and grateful by the warm welcome he has received from his new Canadian theatre family.  But not THAT humble and you shouldn’t encourage him just because he simply adores writing about himself in the third person.  Christopher will be directing shows at both Hendry Hall and Deep Cove next season and has absolutely no shame about plugging And Evermore Shall Be So and Wait Until Dark.  He’s had a stone hoot working with Jacqollyne and this hauntingly wonderful cast and crew.  Love, as always, to Reiko for the joie de vivre.

Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward

Director:  Jacqollyne Keath

Assistant Director & Stage Manager:   Christopher Key


Mary Stockwell as Ruth

Andrew Lissett as Charles

Jacqollyne Keath as Madame Arcati

Dayne Schindell as Edith

Doug Perri as Dr. Bradman

Kathleen Kelly-Driscoll as Mrs. Bradman

Ruby Hobbs as Elvira


The World Goes ‘Round

Directed by Peter Zednik

Musical Direction by Barb Brolly

Set Design by Mitchell Mackay

Produced by Carolyn Coles

Stage Manager Christopher Key

Lighting Design by Glen Miller 

The cast (in alphabetical order by surname) is   

Cheryl Hebb

Camille Johnson

Mitchell Mackay

Erin Matchette

Leigh Richards Stewart

Julia Walmsley


Keyboard 1 (piano score)
Keyboard 2 (instrumentals)