Judith Barkley White has been around for a LONG time; on another continent during a past millennium she directed a play called Two by Jim Cartwrightso after reading 10 times 2: The Eternal Courtship it seemed only natural that she direct it.  It has been a bit of a rollercoaster this time, but she thinks she has screamed and laughed on cue appropriately.  You might remember Judith’s other DCSS productions, Vincent in Brixton and These Shining Lives, or her award winning production The Drawer Boy at NVCP in 2013.  She wishes to thank the amazing cast and crew for their hard work and tenacity, especially James and her 7 non-theatre friends who jumped in to help when members were not available.  Hope you enjoy the show.

Ten Times Two: The Eternal Courtship

By David Belke

Directed by Judith Barkley White

Production Stage Manager: Val Coomba Johnson

Producer/Lighting Designer: Glen Miller


Simon Roberts as the Host

Colleen Byberg as Constance et al

Nick Palidwor as Eprhaim