Marvin Neil Simon was born in the Bronx, in New York, on the Fourth of July in 1927. His father Irving, a garment salesman, disappeared from time to time, leaving his wife, Mamie, to support their two sons by working at a department store and by relying on family and friends. After his parents divorced, Simon lived with relatives in Forest Hills, New York. Simon received the nickname Doc as a child because he was always pretending to be a doctor, listening to peoples heartbeats with a toy stethoscope. He also loved comedy films and was often thrown out of movie theaters for laughing too loudly.

Chapter Two

A Comedy by Neil Simon

Directed by Amy Starkey

Producer: Anne Marsh

Production Manager: David Gloyn-Cox

Stage Manager: Dawn Lindsay

Assistant Stage Manager: Jutta Vertegaal

Set Designer: Bob Bradley

Costume Designer: Harjog McElmoyle

Lighting Designer: Michael Methot

Lighting Tech: Bill Howarth

Sound Designer: Bob Bradley

Sound Operator: Leslie Thompson

Set Decoration:  Harjog McElmoyle

Properties: Jutta Vertegaal

Properties: Dawn Lindsay

Publicity: Mike Jarvis, Anne Marsh

Set Construction: Don Rutherford, Doug Davies, Bruce Lindsay

Andrew Lissett as George
Ruby Hobbs as Jennie
Cheryl Hebb as Faye
Joseph Balint as Leo