Sam Bobrick has written and co-written over forty plays, most of them performed throughout the world, which include: Norman, Is That You?,Murder at the Howard Johnson\’s, Weekend Comedy, Remember Me?, Death in England, Passengers, Are You Sure?, Baggage, Getting Sara Married, The Spider or the Fly, and – without William Shakespeare’s blessing – Hamlet II (Better Than The Original).

Twenty-one of his plays have been published by Samuel French. In 2011, Mr. Bobrick won the Mystery Writers of America “Edgar” Award for his play, The Psychic. Some of his television credits include The Andy Griffith Show, Get Smart, The Smothers Brothers Show, Bewitched, and numerous musical variety shows. Mr. Bobrick also created the teenage hit series Saved By The Bell. Also a songwriter, his work has been recorded by Elvis Presley, Brian Ferry, and Los Lobos. Mr. Bobrick is a member of the Dramatists Guild, as well as the Writers Guild of America. A native of Chicago, he graduated from the University of Illinois. He is married to writer Julie Stein, with whom he has co-written several plays. They live in Southern California where Mr. Bobrick continues to write. For more information go to:

Are You Sure?

By Sam Bobrick

Director…Jacqueline Becher

Stage Manager…Norman White

Production Manager…Judy Thomson

Asst. Production Manager… John Jarvis

Asst. Stage Manager…Jutta Vertegaal

Set Design…Ann Booth

Set Decoration..John Jarvis

Costumes…Doug Perri, Judy Thomson

Properties..Judy Levitt, Jutta Vertegaal.

Lighting Design…Glen Miller

Lighting Operator…Leslie Thompson

Sound Design… Anne Marsh

Publicity…Anne Marsh


David Wallace as David Ogden

Caroline Battista as Caroline Ogden

Terrence Loychuk as Simon

Nicki Dawn Robertson as Stefanie

Kathy Bradley as Marie

Nicholas Wicht as Charley

An intriguing  case of shifting realities!