PANTO Auditions

Santa in Space

By Paul Reakes

Directed by Robert Bockman-Cobban

Choreographer Ariyanna Pascuzzi


Panto auditions will be held in the meeting room at the Deep Cove Shaw Theatre on Sep 10th and Sep 11th from 6:00 – 9:00 PM.


Note that this show runs to Jan 5th. There are 7 matinees but no double show dates.

Be prepared to read, sing and do some small dance steps that Ariyanna will provide. However, we encourage people with ALL levels of abilities to come and audition. 

For questions contact

Robert Bockman-Cobban, Director



Vileum the Ville, evil Usurper of the Universe

Astra, the Astrologer

Null and Void, Vileun’s Astro-Nuts

Little Tommy Tucker

Dame Dangle

Roberta, the Robot

Professor Atnas, really Santa Claus

Captain Dick Darling

Crystal, a visitor from the North Pole

The Dancing Doll

The Leader of the Wilderlands

The Monster of the Wilderlands

Prince Paragon of Varbos

Chorus of Villagers, Village Children and Varborites