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Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward

Director:  Jacqollyne Keath

Assistant Director & Stage Manager:   Christopher Key


Mary Stockwell as Ruth

Andrew Lissett as Charles

Jacqollyne Keath as Madame Arcati

Dayne Schindell as Edith

Doug Perri as Dr. Bradman

Kathleen Kelly-Driscoll as Mrs. Bradman

Ruby Hobbs as Elvira


April 6 – 21, 2018

Deep Cove Shaw Theatre

A timeless comedy exploring love and marriage. Charles Condomine’s dinner party turns into mayhem when a seance led by Madame Arcati provokes the ghost of Elvira, his late first wife, and only Charles can hear her. Will Charles ever be free of Elvira? Or will his new wife, Ruth, also join her in haunting him too? It’s Madame Arcati to the rescue again!

Blithe Spirit Program