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By Paul Reakes

Santa in Space by Paul Reakes

December 14, 2018 – January 5, 2019

Deep Cove Shaw Theatre

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Our traditional Christmas panto has a different take this year as it involves Santa and outer space.

The evil alien Vileun The Vile (Stephanie Florian) has almost achieved her evil desire to rule the planets – all except Earth, which seems to have slipped the net… She decides to blackmail the governments of Earth into subservience by kidnapping the one man held dear by all the planet’s children – Santa Claus (Reuben Rodgers)! She is assisted in her deed by the wickedly insane astrologer, Astra (Christen Hopkinson) and two alien henchmen, Null and Void (Gemma Innes, Sawyer Reichelt). When Vileun’s spaceship lands on Earth Santa is captured and taken to the planet Varbos. Can Santa’s friends rescue him and save the world? Our hero, the dashing Captain Dick Daring (Ashley Pistilli) leads an expedition of would-be heroes and heroines into outer space to find him and bring Santa home in time for Christmas – this is the story of their adventures!