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A Dramatic Comedy

Ten Times Two: The Eternal Courtship

By David Belke

Directed by Judith Barkley White

Production Stage Manager: Val Coomba Johnson

Producer/Lighting Designer: Glen Miller


Simon Roberts as the Host

Colleen Byberg as Constance et al

Nick Palidwor as Eprhaim

October 6 – 22, 2016

Deep Cove Shaw Theatre

Ever thought about reincarnation, living forever, or selling your soul to the devil? David Belke’s 10×2 The Eternal Courtship has all of that and Romance too. Ephraim, an evil man cursed with immortality, bets he can win the love of a barmaid in 1399 London.  This launches him into a romantic pursuit stretching through the centuries from the middle ages to modern times. Under the watch of the mysterious and ever-present Host, the couple meets every 75 years as the barmaid Constance reincarnates into a dizzying array of different women through the years.  But in order to find love, Ephraim must learn his own heart and become more human.

Ten Times Two program

Tickets $20.00/18.00  Includes $2 Capital Improvement Fee for new seating

12 Performances, Opening Thursday, Wed – Saturday, 8:00pm nightly. Saturday matinee Oct 15 2PM