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Volunteer Application

Deep Cove Stage Society heartily welcomes all volunteers who would like to get involved in the wonderful world of ‘live’ theatre in any one of the following categories.

  • Director
  • Producer/assistant producer
  • Stage manager/assistant stage manager
  • Set Designer/ set decorator
  • Props Acquisitions
  • Lighting designer
  • Sound designer
  • Sound/light operator
  • Costume designer/costume sewers
  • Set builders
  • Set painters
  • Box office/front of house

If you have never been involved in ‘live’ theatre we can teach you the ropes! All you need is the a love of Theatre & plenty of enthusiasm to get things done!  Membership is $10.00 p/a that allows you two complimentary tickets to any Production that you may have helped put together! Join our growing membership of family friendly theatre lovers! Contact us at info@deepcovestage.com

Role Descriptions



While not quite as portrayed in the role of Nathan Lane in “The Producers”, the producer is the manager of the production. The producer manages the budget, schedules the rehearsals, and coordinates all crew members.

Stage Manager

The SM in rehearsal prompts the actors, provides blocking notes and coordinates set changes.  During the production run, the stage manager coordinates the running of the show and calls the lighting and sound cues and set changes.

Assistant Stage Manager – ASM

The ASM assists the stage manager and is in charge of backstage organization, such as props, costumes, and set changes.

Properties Manager

The props manager obtains all necessary props – these are objects which the actors handle onstage such as glasses, letters, books, etc. After the run they are responsible for ensuring that all borrowed props are returned promptly.

Costume Designer

The costume designer designs and coordinates the costumes. The costumer will ensure that all borrowed costumes are returned when the production is over.

Set Designer

Based on the direction provided in the script and in collaboration with the director and producer, this person designs the set.

Set Decorator

This person organizes the furniture and wall hangings and other items needed for the set after construction is complete.

Sound Designer

The sound designer assembles all of the sound cues including show music, in Qlab.

Sound Operator

The operator runs the cues using Qlab software from the control booth at the rear of the theatre. The sound operator must be available to operate the sound cues for all rehearsals and performances.

Lighting Designer

In collaboration with the director, the lighting designer creates the lighting for the show based on the theatre house hang and with the additional use of specials and stage practicals.

Lighting Operator

The operator runs the lighting for the show using the ETC Ion control board.  The operator must be available for all rehearsals and performances.