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Have you always wanted to get up on stage and “tread the boards” in front of an audience of adoring fans to deliver a rousing rendition of your favourite play, but didn’t feel you had the talent, or the time to devote to memorizing a script?

On the fourth Thursday of each month, Deep Cove Stage will be presenting a live Zoom reading series featuring a few short plays each month! Anyone can watch the readings, BUT you can also sign up to be one of the ‘actors’ – no previous experience required! The idea is that this will be a fun, low-pressure opportunity to get on a (virtual) stage without the burden of memorizing lines or passing an audition! Most of the selections will be between 10-20 minutes in length.

If you are interested in being an actor for these readings, please email Janice at janice@deepcovestage.com. You will have to have video capability on your phone or computer in order to participate as a reader.

• No props or costumes are required (but are certainly welcome!)
• Mistakes will be celebrated.
• No pressure, no memorization.
• Have fun.

The Duck / The Driving Lesson / The Gal Pal Code / First Date


Thursday 25 February, 2021, On Zoom

Scenes From Titanic 2 / Ask Out Samantha / A Matter Of Husbands / Less Soap More Blood

Thursday 25 March, 2021, On Zoom

Decaf for a Dying Man / Everyone, Except the Cat / Playtime

Thursday 22 April, 2021, On Zoom

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